best hybrid tire?

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    hey, everyone. ive got a Nishiki Pueblo Mountain bike but it isnt used for really tough terrain. i want a couple of tires that will grip well on grass and concrete but still be able to take sharp turns well on gravel roads, ect. any suggestions?
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    I like the Kenda Kwick cross.
    It has great side lugs and very good center lugs for traction. Not, perhaps, the smoothest road ride, but excellent for the cross part of cyclocross riding.

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    The Continental Travel Contact gets pretty good reviews. It has a smooth center for easy road riding and knobby sides for traction on soft surfaces. It has pretty good puncture protection and comes with reflective side walls for good night visibility. Continental suggests 50 to 80 psi inflation pressure. Internet prices range from $30 to $40. I have a set on my LHT and have run 4,500 miles with 3 flats.

    Continental Travel Contact Tire - 26 x 1.75 at

    Continental Cycle Tyres UK - full techie details
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