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Discussion in 'Mountain Biking' started by Cycle, Oct 22, 2009.

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    If I can find it at wall mart I tend to not want to buy it. All my local Bike shops carry the same model and makers of bmxers as wally world. Any body got a clue who's still independently manufacturing them?
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    Your best bet might be finding a nice lighter bmx frame from the old days at a garage sale or ebay then building it...

    I built from an old hutch frame once

    Plus the flat rectangular gooseneck and half-moon pegs were so dinosaur old that they looked cooler than anything i had ever found before + the lightness factor

  3. funetical

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    That's what I'm doing. Garage sales and mangling together a bmx bike. I'm trying to try different sized wheels on it so now I'm looking for wheels.
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    I all depends on what you want to do with your bike. There arr different styles to riding from Street to Race and from Flatland to Trail.

    There are a lot of great bikes out there but you have to know what you want. I have two bikes, one of them is 40lbs and the other is 25/26lbs. I bought the lighter one because its a pro bike. There are a lot of companies out there but not like the old days. I had a Haro, GT, Redline, Elf, Hutch, Schwinn but these days companies are different, riders are different.

    Companies like;
    2 Hip
    (I would be cautious on FIT bikes, their completes sometimes dont have good parts.)

    All of these can be orders at places like Dans Comp (DAN'S COMP - BMX Bikes, Parts, Clothing, Shoes and Accessories!) or Action Village (Paintball, Skateboard, BMX, Airsoft, Apparel and Snowboard Gear at < where I got mine.

    The bikes are out there and they are pretty sick, I know mine is and I love it for riding street.
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    Also, don't be fooled because you've seen a bike brand at walmart. They may have mongoose bikes for a hundred bucks, but mongoose also makes high end bikes as well, same goes for dk, schwinn, gt, etc.. Best advice craigslist, I've seen so many nice bikes going for cheap on there lately it is ridiculous. And also realize that if you buy a bike from a shop, or somewhere like Dans comp it will be better than what's at wal mart automatically regardless of brand.