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    Hello, check out my project: Bicycle Development Project


    This is a project dedicated to develop the most comfortable and practical bicycle experience. This is not a strive for high tech performance or visual impressions. My aim is to develop the old bicycle concept further and find simple solutions possible for anyone to make. The focus is set on comfort, on enjoyment, on slow speed - not optimum speed performance. As an all year cyclist, with a lot of experience, having tested recumbent bikes, I search for a compromise. A compromise that anyone could use, in addition to an enhanced enjoyment riding a bicycle. My goal is to share my view & belief of a better tomorrow, free of pollution, noise and fast paced life.
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    That's rather unimpressive. Giant made some great strides in developing a really comfortable bike, and didn't sell many. It seems that if you make a bicycle so comfortable that anyone can ride it, no one will buy it.