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My current university project is to design a method of bicycle storage which can be used within the home. It needs to be innovative, space saving and aesthetically pleasing as well as having the ability to secure a bicycle in a semi secure location. This project is in collaboration with Cyclepods Ltd ( who currently design innovative secure storage systems for outdoor use.
If you have a few moments, it would be greatly appreciated if you could fill out my questionnaire. It is only really relevant to those who currently own bicycles or have bicycles within the home they are living in.
Here is the link to the questionnaire:

Many Thanks,

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These survey's have a bit to be desired, in my opinion. Here is how I answered:

Where do you currently store you bicycle?

What type of hosue do you live in?
Single story ranch.

What is the area like where you live?
City, rural, high crime rate, quiet etc

City, low crime rate, residential street.

How many people live within your household?
Including yourself


How many bicycles are stored within your household?
Including outdoor storage or garage


Are these bicycles secured whilst in storage?
including outdoor storage or garage


Where and how are the bicycles currently stored within the home?
Including outdoor storage or garage, use of hooks, racks or stands etc

When the bikes are not in use they are hung on a hook screwed into a floor joist in my basement. They hang by one of the wheels. My basement is very secure. No access from the outside, Only from inside of house. I also have a very good watch dog that would not hesitate to attack if someone broke in to steal anything.

Is the bicycle secured during storage?
D locks, locking garage etc

Yes, in my basement on a hook, protected by my dog, along with all of my other possesions in my home.

Does this method of storage cause any hindrance?
Does your bicycle get in the way where it is stored/ take up too much floor space?


How many (including yourself) use the bicycles on a regular basis within your household?

What kind of security or lock do you currently use?
High quality dead bolt on my exterior doors to my house and a very good watch/guard dog.

How much would you be willing to spend on bicycle storage within the home?
£0 - £10

Where would the most ideal place to store your bicycles within your home be?
This can include wall mounting, ceiling mounting or any other method

Basement, where they are currently stored now.

Is the ease of access to your bicycle important?
1 2 3 4 5

5 Very important.

Where do you store your cycling equipment?
Bedroom closet, in a dresser or on a shelf unit next to where bikes are hung in basement.

Any other comments regarding bicycle storage?
With a good dead bolt lock system on a exterior door of a house a good guard or watch dog and storing a bicycle in the basement hung on a hook with no direct access from the outside there is no need to spend money that could otherwise be spent on something else.
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