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Well its the first wed night service in a long time. Got to thinking about it earlier today so I went out and checked all the equipment. Checked all the lights, and they all worked. Pumped up the tires. Even washed it, cleaned and lubed the chain, and made sure that cranky computer would read the speed.

Decided I'd break down and attend the mid week night service. Got out and one of the tail lights, and the cranky computer did exactly what every other church committee I have ever seen did. Absolutely nothing. Changed batteries in the tail light and still nothing, so I made the decision to go anyway. Spent another ten minutes messing with the computer. Again nothing.

Went ahead anyway. Most of the service was delivered by an almost full moon. Not pushing anything yet as I am recovering from a knee issue. It seemed to hold up fairly well. Service was again interrupted by Reverend Skunk. Rev Skunk and I have met before. One day he will push it too far, and I won't miss. This time he was out to get me too. The good news was his spray missed me. The bad news was that I was downwind.

It was a very relaxed service other than that. A slow pace, but I do everything slow these days. Lasted about 30 to 45 minutes and I am estimating maybe ten miles.

The service closed with a protein drink, and now for the Shiner Bock Light. I wonder, has anyone ever tried to put any kind of protein in beer???
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