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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by conquistador, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. conquistador

    conquistador Guest

    How does everyone lock their bike here?

    I have some gun locks that would do the job except I could see how a bolt cutter would easily tear through the thin metal.

    Are there U-shaped locks that are steel so solid that a cutter can't go through it? What about hammer bashing proof? I have even heard you can undo those U-shaped locks (with the O-shaped lock on it) with a pen cap! (Videos on youtube)

    Also, do you lock your tire do the frame, what about your back tire? I have seen a lot of people carrying their back tire...
  2. hophead

    hophead New Member Tavern Member

    I use a combination cable lock. How I lock my bike up depends on where I am; How long I'll be there; If I can see my bike; which bike it is etc..Most of the time, I just lock the frame. If I were in a high crime area, I'd lock both wheels and frame up.

    The Bic Pen cap thing is kinda old. I'm pretty sure that the U lock problem has been solved.

  3. Jimi

    Jimi Guest

    I've got the old chain and combination lock. It's pretty heavy so I'm thinking about getting a cable lock like hophead has. I'm sure it will really take a load off my backpack!
  4. tajcrews

    tajcrews New Member

    It really depends on where and how you are gonna lock it up as to what you really need. Any lock is better than nothing. Would be thieves will think twice if you any lock.
  5. MFG_bike

    MFG_bike Guest

    I recently switched over from an old chain and combination lock to a cable lock and I love it! Should have made the change sooner. It's definitely a load off.
  6. TxCyclist

    TxCyclist Administrator Staff Member Admin Staff

    I use a D style lock. It fits on the bike nice and you can't cut it with bolt cutters.
  7. altarego

    altarego New Member

    Dependent on where I'm at, how long I expect to leave the bike there, etc. I have two locks. One is a Kryptonite U-lock/cable combo that I use when I expect to leave the bike for a lengthy period of time in a less than desirable location. The other is a Kryptonite
    Evolution. It's a small U-lock that fits in my back pocket. Perfect for quick stop action.
  8. zookie

    zookie Guest

    I had some bolt cutters with two foot long handles for extra leverage, could those really not cut through certain locks?
  9. altarego

    altarego New Member

    Supposedly, but I think the important thing to note is that it's also supposed that NO bike lock can keep everything at bay.

    But do you really want to try to go steal a bike with a big ass set of bolt cutters? Not really hiding those so well, right?
  10. MountainMan

    MountainMan Guest

    Yeah anyone seeing you with such an obvious lock cutter might just assume you lost your bike key lol

    What do you do if you see someone cutting a bike lock chain? Call cops?
  11. Grape Ape

    Grape Ape Younger than Hack Tavern Member

    Actually a while back they did an expose' type deal about bike theft. They had people out in a big city. They would lock a bike up with different locks then later another person would come by with a theft tool to steal it.

    They used small cable cutters, large cable cutters, large bolt cutters. and the best of all a grinder with a cutoff wheel. Even when the person was there with a battery powered electric grinder no one paid any attention and no one called the police. The bad part is it took less than 20 seconds to cut a ulock with the grinder and then the person was gone with the bike.

    A lock only keeps an opportunist from stealing your bike. A person with a desire to steal a bike will get it and very quickly be gone. Probably while you are sitting there drinking a coffee and watching it, all locked up and safe. Look down to ponder life while giving your coffee a good stir look back out at your beautiful ride and it is gone.