Bike sizing for big guys

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by Poppy, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Poppy

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    I want to get started into cycling. I have never found a bike that fits me though. I stand 6'9". Does any body have a name or site that caters to bigger dudes like myself? I tried looking and was unsuccessful. I was probably using the wrong search terms, but who knows. I've heard you need to be fitted for a bike. What all does that entail?
  2. Farnsworth

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    I'm on 29er and it fits well for me at 6' and some change.

  3. funetical

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    I' 6'2" and I spend a lot of time bent over on my road bike. It can hurt some times. I think the taller you are the more it's going to be that way. I'm probably wrong though.

    TRAILBLAZER86 New Member

    True, I would recommend going by a local bike shop and have a talk with them about what you are looking for and what you want to do. They can fit you with a bike. Just like a car, test drive the bike and see if you like it. Each bike handles differently.

    If you want to research online for different bike manufacturers look for Scott, Jamis, Giant, Trek. They have a good line of entry level and higher end bikes. To me it's like shopping for a car.

    Just out of curiosity what type of bike are looking to get? Road or Mountain?

    For starting out I recommend a Scott Aspect55 , simply because of the quality and the parts equipped for the price. But like I said go by a bike shop and feel for the bike. That's really the only way to find out if the bike fits you.
  5. TxCyclist

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    Let us know road or mountain and we can point you in a couple of directions. I do recommend heading to your LBS for measuring and seeing what they stock.
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    When I was fitted for my bike, I was measured for my inseam height to be able to stand over the bike and then once the bike was purchased, the bike was adjusted to fit me. This included saddle height as well as fore and aft adjustments, handlebar height adjustments and several other minor tweaks that truly provided a "custom" set-up for making the bike "mine."
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    I have met a few riders who stood well north of 6'5" and they were on stock frames of 64cm (they were riding road bikes). We would need to know what type of riding you were looking to get into however. Your LBS is a great starting point as they could steer you in the right direction. It may be a good idea to be prepared to go custom though you will probably not HAVE to.


    Brian J.
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    If you provide more info on your intended use, (road, MTB, fitness) and budget, we can point you in the direction of some bikes to look at. One thing I have learned from my tall friends is that you can get the smokin' deal on a bike in your size more often than those of us riding a 56cm or 17" would. Chances are your local shop has some giant bike that they are willing to sell close to cost just to get it off the floor. The downside is that it may not be your first choice.
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    I don't know if I would hold my breath... not sure poppy is coming back...
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    Custom Bike

    OK so if your 6'9 you have been buying custom clothes/shoes/ bed your whole life so by this point you should know that your not going to find anything off the rack that fits you including a bike. Going into a bike shop may not help you because most bike shop want to sell what they have in stock. I don't know of any bike shop that would order a bike for a 6'9 guy. If you don't buy it they are stuck with the bike until the next 6'9 guy walks in. I am 6'3 and i ride a Fuji 64 I would try that or a cannondale 63 the cannondales runs Big. The 63 cannondale was too big for me its made for someone 6'5 and up. If you have the Coin I would go with a custom bike you can get a good custom built steel bike cheep from these guys Zinn Custom Steel Bike Frames
    Whatever you decide enjoy the ride.

    Good Luck