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Bike Touring/BikePacking with MTB Handlebars

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Bike Touring/BikePacking with MTB Handlebars

Feedback is needed and I am going to use the Thorn eXp Flat Handlebar - 12.5 Deg - 31.8mm Clamp - 680mm on my Soma Saga Disc Touring Bicycle and I can't use drop bars anymore with Barend shifters and my Question is what do you think? and my old Surly LHT had Raceface Ride XC handlebars and I will update more ASAP
I want from Hoods for Flat mountain bike Handlebars on my old Surly LHT touring bicycle with Salsa Bell Lap Cyclo Cross handlebars to Raceface ride xc flat mountain bike Handlebars 580mm and my new Soma Saga Disc Touring Bicycle Touring with PNW Coast gravel handlebars wide 480mm and I am having a hard time with my BarEnd Shifters and Drop Bar brake levers with my right bad hand with carpal tunnel and I use to MTB Handlebars and BMX bike Handlebars

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The caption for this Facebook photo is "4 years. 25000km. 26 countries"

Flat-bar touring is obviously impossible.
My Old Surly LHT 26in Touring bike with flat handlebar from 2011 to 12-2020 Stealth bike camping in San Diego county

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