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BMX Plus?

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Does anyone here subscribe to BMX Plus? I think it's pretty sweet, are there any better magazines you could suggest? Thx
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i subscribe to bmx plus and ride , ride is a magazine ran by transworld bmx i think , heres the link
RIDE BMX Magazine | BMX Videos, Photos, News, Features, Bike Checks, How-Tos, and More
i kinda like ride's magazine better in some ways , but they are hard to find in stores here in maryland so i subscribed
lol , yeah Ride did a nice article on the bmx old school reunion , and bmx plus did one a month later and i'll be honest i think rides was better , more pictures , more info ect , i subscribe to both but if i had to cancel one it would be bmx plus .
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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