Bontrager in-Form RXL

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by ardvark_ann, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. ardvark_ann

    ardvark_ann Guest

    Been looking for a new saddle, so far I have been looking at a bontrager in-form rxl. The price was $159.00.
    Does any one have one of these and how do you like it? Is the cost worth it to you?
  2. runbikeswim

    runbikeswim New Member

    Have it. Love it. Had the RL inform before. If I didn't work at a shop, I'd probably stick with RL. Unless you're racing or crazy about weight, RXL is kind of overboard.

  3. tzvia

    tzvia Guest

    Bought one back in February. Took about 8 rides for it to go from 'Oh what did I do' to 'gotta get one for the MTB too!' I'm just thrilled that somebody thought that maybe a wider saddle (I got the 154 because I'm a woman with wide 'sit-bones) would be a good idea to make. Not everyone has those narrow sit bones- not even men. And I'm so sick of 'womens' saddles, pink with little flowers or thick and heavy with padding. The RXL is none of that and it just so happens to come in white with read to match my Ruby. Got the RL for the MTB and it feels just like the RXL.

    It feels great, is light weight and is well made.