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What is a 'Bookride'? Well it's where, when my supply of reading material is nearly depleted, I mount my bike and cycle into Kyoto City to my regular bookshop to see what is in stock. Sometimes I take a direct route - about 60km return - or the longer scenic route - about 80km return. Yesterday I took a scenic route via Arashiyama. And, as I was in touring mode, I stopped to take some interesting photos.

Image-1: The bridge across a tributary of the Katsura River. A very
popular photo spot.
Image-2:Gate, entrance to Seiryo-ji Temple.
Image-3:Rice field and bird-deterers. Mt Atago in the distance.
Image-4:Hirosawa Pond.
Image-5:No, they are not what you think. These at a garden shop.

P.S. There wasn't anything decent in the bookshop, so I returned home empty-handed. Not to worry, it was a great bike-ride.


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Love those scarecrows. They are so Japanese :)

You didn't return empty handed. You returned with experiences and photos that dare I say, are better than something you could read in most books.
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