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Well... as I mentioned else where here last week I removed my compact and installed a double back on my bike last week. Did a couple of nice rides and really enjoyed having the double back. BUT, I developed a "creek" when I get up out of the saddle and was really grinding up some hills. It doesn't seem to be consistent as in every pedal stroke even when I'm up out of the saddle. My first panicked thought was wow! That really sounds just like last summer when I broke tow spokes and took forever to figure out. I dreaded the thought of having to wait on Mavic for 3 months again of it was the non-drive side since I bought all the drive side spokes.

Anyway I'm sure it's not the spokes since I went through all of them and the all feel pretty good. My riding partner rode beside me to see if we could isolate a little better and he suggested the bottom bracket or a pedal since to him it sounded as if that was where it was coming from. Pretty sure it's not the pedals since the are new and I used a very light coating of moly grease before installing them.

My concern after thinking about it was the fact when I took the compact out the bearing just sorta came out with it from the drive side. I was under the impression this should be a press fit bearing.

It was suggested to me to remove it again and either apply moly grease or RTV around the circumference of the bearing and re-install it. To me this just sounds wrong.

Before I go back to the LBS and raise a little HEdouble toothpicks(teethpicks?) does this sound like a reasonable fix to this issue?

Input anybody?
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