Brake cable adjustments with front Shocks

Discussion in 'Mountain Biking' started by sunpex, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. sunpex

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    I just built a bike with shock absorbers on the forks, and I found that when I sit on the bike, the front brake goes out of adjustment. I know there must be a solution to this, but I am unable to figure it out. I am a good mechanic, but I need some details about how this works. My previous bike got stolen, so I am trying to do this on a slim budget.

    I know that I can go back to the solid forks, and I may have to do that, but I am just mystified about how this is*supposed* to work.
  2. tajcrews

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    That is not a fork problem. Is your wheel tight in the dropout? What kind of fork and brake are you running?

  3. TxJeeper

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    yeah try taking a video of it and putting it on here so that some of us can look at it. I have no problems out of mine and I am a fat butt (thats why I am getting back into biking).