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Brake Questions

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Odyssee Evolver brake mounted to the bottom of the seatstay. Stock 1BY4 pads. RBJ1 Steel rim. Pads are making square contact to the rim. But the thing won't stop the bike at all. The chromed steel rims are like glass. Would a different pad bail us out? Or can these pads be altered?
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make sure the rims are clean first.... spray nine or glass cleaner will work wonders
different pads can help but might not be the perfect solution.
The brakes could be adjusted all the way against the rim but the tension in the brake lines can be too slack to apply enough pressure... just a thought Turn the knobs on the levers to tighten the wire, put some sticky grip stuff on the brake pad like a car does :)
you need to adjust ur brakes and a good chrome rim will stop you good, dont spray ur rim with windex or a cleaning supply like stated makes ur brakes loud as hell, and wont stop you right, just wipe them with a cloth
steel rim? seriously?
Try this

No. Evolvers if put on correctly should stop perfectly with stock pads. They are the best breaks ever made they should have enough torque to grab that rim, but you are right that some rims do slide through the pads. So try this ride it a lot so rubber accumulates on the rim also take the pads off first and rub them across the sidewalk making them course. If that does not work find some that are more soft and gummy. Just get that rim coated with rubber.
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