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It's getting to a nearby grocery store or commuting to get off work, electric bikes are a great way to get around. Here are a few things to consider when you use an e-bike in your daily life.

1. Equipped with accessories that belong to you

Owning an e-bike isn't perfect, it's important to have the right accessories according to your needs.

If you use folding electric bike 1000w for commute, you can buy a bike rear rack bag and a front rack bag to carry your gear and groceries.

Great for those who commute a lot as they reduce the weight of your belongings.

A bike phone mount is also a good option, allowing you to record the scenery along the way, etc. Remember to buy a quality lock and be sure to lock your 1000w electric bikes when it is parked out of your sight.
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2. Ride comfortably

We always strive for a comfortable riding experience, and the touchpoints on an electric fat tire bike, including the seat, handlebar grips and pedals, are all about your comfort while riding.

If you notice a sore spot in your body after riding for a while. Please adjust your e-bike in time to suit your ride.

3. Maintain power

It is a good habit to keep your e-bike battery charged at all times. When planning your daily commute with an e-bike, it's important to make sure the battery is charged so that it doesn't get in the way of your travel plans. It's nice to have a quick recharge when you get home!

4. To be seen

while riding on the road, it is important for your safety to be seen by others.

You can do this by using a fluorescent-colored helmet and wearing a fluorescent vest. Remember to turn on your headlights when riding at night to be alert to oncoming vehicles.

5. Pay attention to the weather

Check the weather forecast before you travel. Knowing your expected weather will allow you to wear the right clothes and shoes. Buy waterproof clothing and shoes for rainy days and avoid riding in storms.

You can commute to get off work on an electric bike every day, which is easier, faster, environmentally friendly and saves money. Owning an electric bike and cycling with friends and family!

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I took the question to be whether an ebike can be used a a non-ebike. The answer it a qualified yes. You can probably pedal it..and get from A to B but ebikes are heavy bikes and trying to get uphill with them not using the electric mode is quite difficult. If I read the question correctly be sure to learn about the ability of the particular bike you picked as to whether it can be used as a non-ebike.
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