Cannodale Scalpel 1000

Discussion in 'Mountain Biking' started by Gallagher9, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Gallagher9

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    I'm thinking about purchasing a Cannodale Scalpel 1000. Can anyone give a good review on this bike? I know that it is a pretty popular bike so I am hoping that someone here has had personal experience with this particular bike.
  2. Doc

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    Though I dont have a specific experience with this bike I do own a cannondale and their quality is great, I would not hesitate to purchase another one.

  3. Quentin

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    I have a 2006 Scalpel 1000 and a 2009 F29er Caffeine 1.5. In stock form, I much prefer the F29er. I just built it up with better parts (BB30 Afterburner crankset, Stans wheels w/ Hope hub, same lefty, better derailleurs) and the 29" wheels roll amazingly. Then I upgraded the DLR2 on my Scalpel to a Carbon SL110. Over a pound lighter and the actual fork functions WAY better. I also ditched the heavy Crossland wheels for some Crossmax SLRs (2lbs lighter!). Needless to say, the new fork and light wheels really transformed the bike and I'm completely in love w/ my Scalpel again. I would recommend, though, finding one of the new style Scalpel frames. The extra travel in the rear suspension is much nicer and I think you get an RP23 w/ that frame instead of just the RP3.

    In short, the Scalpel is a wicked bike. Just don't skimp on wheels.