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I was able to win two races yesterday. Unusual for me. As it turned out, my companion was unaware of the Cat 6 race rules and a net search failed to turn them up so I thought I'd share what I know of the official cat 6 race rules. You may have others...

First off it's important to define Cat 6 racing as it is not within the UCI pervue.

A Cat 6 race occurs whenever another rider is seen in front or in back of you. At that point the race has begun. It doesn't matter if the other person is 6 years old on a tricycle or 60 years old on a fat tire bike. Race on.

A Cat 6 race does not require both participants to be aware of the fact they are in a race. One can decline to participate but it only takes one out of two participants to make a race.

A race is officially won by overtaking the other participant from behind or alternatively if the person in front is unaware of their status within the race, they can win by simply turning off the current road/path.

KOM can be won regardless of the category of the hill. Get to the top of that 1% grade first? Consider it a KOM.

I'll admit I lose most of my Cat6 races simply because I do a lot of hills, am overweight and triple the age of most cyclists following me. But I compete. I've lost my share to pink tricycles but I'll never admit that publicly. Anyone else have additional rules they are aware of?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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