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Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by chh55, Nov 26, 2009.

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    How many of you have caught the ceramic bug? I have a mild case myself. I popped for a HOPE bottom bracket with ceramic bearings and a set of ceramic RD jockeys, also a set of ceramic bearings in my tubular wheels. After some bad experience with a normal FSA bottom bracket I decided I wanted the ultimate in durability down there so I went for the HOPE. The jockey pulleys were just a bit of bling and the wheel bearings I got cheap from a local importer.
    The friction savings are real but small, the selling point for me was, as said, the durability.
    What kind of ceramic stuff are you running and or considering?
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    My neighbors have a ceramics studio. That's as close as I get to the stuff.

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    Also looking at ceramic

    The LBS owner has a set of wheels that have ceramic bearings. They are constantly being borrowed by his customers to use in races. They have held up for over 3 years of this and daily use, sounds like good performance. I want to go with wheels first, I want to see if there is improvement at each change.
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    My oldest bike has steel hub and BB bearings that I raced on for 5 years, and rode it for another 21 years after that and I still ride it. How long do you thing you're going to keep the bike? Is ceramic really worth the extra cost for the durability? Is 26 years or more not long enough? One of my MTB's is 23 years old with lots of abuse including water and mud etc and that bike has steel bearings. The oldest one used Suntour bearings and the MTB used Shimano. I have other bikes too and the steel bearings are all good.

    I guess I can't figure out the common sense in buying expensive ceramic bearings if you can get 25 plus years out of steel. Even if someone said their faster...really? Do you any watts figures to prove it?