Chad Gerlach (Intervention)

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    Did anyone see A&E's Intervention on Chad Gerlach, a former Pro cyclists who became addicted to crack and was living on the streets? Well, I saw a follow-up episode on him and fortunately, he is doing much better after just one relapse. He has just joined a new team, Amore e Vita and won the opening stage of the Tour de Nez, a stage race in Truckee and Reno, California.

    Check out these links and interview about him. He's got an amazing story. He's inspiration for people everywhere. Hey, wouldn't that be great if we could get him on the forum as a member?!

    Cyclingnews Interviews and Features

    Chad Gerlach, former drug addict, wins Tour de Nez opener; Listen to his story via radio interview
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    I saw a little bit of it. Really good recovery to go from a crack addict to riding professionally again. I would think he would have irreversible damage from the addiction but I guess not.

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    Never heard of him or seen the show but I checked out the links and he has a great story to share. He could be inspiration to addicts and cyclists all over the world. He will be recovering for the rest of his life but I wish him all the best in his uphill battle (no pun intended!)