Colorado Senior Rides Again, Happy Trails

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by big1bobe, Jan 28, 2010.

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    I have started to ride more starting last year, riding over 1600 miles just here in the state of Colorado at the age of 67, where just a few years ago, I couldn't hardly get up out of the recliner to walk across the room. I am losing weight and feeling a whole lot better, it is wonderful to add the miles on a bicycle, its a mountain bike converted to a rode bike, after adding a few new items. I am not a racing person, just ride along at a happy pace of 14 to 15 mph. Oh, yes I have had a few road crashes without any serious injuries. It is the drivers that bother me, many people have NO patients for some people riding bikes. I have a couple close calls. What is it about drivers that want to stop and fight and cause problems?
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    Hi .... .. And welcome aboard

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    Welcome to the forums! Drivers can be tough but the fun of riding usually outweighs the upset that some auto's cause.