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Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by shortz, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. shortz

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    I have been driving a Dew for 4 years and it is still running great. ONly needed new brake pads. The issue I have is that as a commuter bike it is not suitable for road imperfections. Every pot hole I hit sends a jolt thru my body. For speed though, this bike really takes you past other people on the street in the regular mountain bikes with larger tires. I am looking to upgrade my Kona for these reasons, but overall a Great bike.
  2. Industry_Hack

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    So are you looking for a new bike, or just a way to take the edge off bad roads?

  3. Guntrainer

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    I put a suspension seat post on my Kona Dew Drop. NIGHT AND DAY. A smooth bike has turned into a great bike.

    Extra weight? Lose a pound or two and the bike will be lighter. :D

    Comfort is much improved, and wheels do not need truing as often. I ride a lot on old roads, and the difference is monumental.:love: