Commuting Bag/1st Aid Kit

Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by Dan_3, Jun 19, 2009.

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    Do you take a bag with you on your commute with emergency supplies such as first aid stuff? What all do you keep in your bag? I know you need to pack light but I can think of like a million things I could possibly end up needing....although I actually have never had a situation where I needed something right then and there. So anyways I was wondering what all of you keep in your commuting bag? What you think is necessary and what is not.
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    i always keep my small panniers on my bike filled with a snack,water,a small simple tool kit,a flashlite,a small folding knife,about 3dollars in change,a wad of toilet paper(you never know!) and of corse my cable and may seem like a lot,but really it;s not.all togeather it may weigh2-3 pounds.oh yeah,i forgot to mention a cheap rain suit.after all,this is Fla.!! ride on

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    Man, riderman14 seems to have his $&*% together on this bike stuff. I'd listen to this man if I were you because like he said... "you never know!"
  4. SUX VR40 Rider

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    In this bag, the hi-vis yellow seat bag; Hostel Shoppe Recumbents - the world's largest source for recumbent information, bicycles, trikes and accessories. I carry;

    In the tool kit;
    1. multi-tool
    2. travel size baby poweder
    3. Co2 "gun"
    4. Co2 cartridges
    5. patch kit
    6. tire levers
    7. emergency chain links
    8. chain tool
    9. pressure gauge

    In the first aid kit;
    1. different size band aids
    2. roll of gauze
    3. scissors
    4. medical tape
    5. tweezers
    6. safety pins
    7. nitrile gloves
    8. anti-biotic ointment
    9. small container of pain reliever
    10. gauze pads

    I also carry;
    1. 2 spare tubes, one 20" and one 26"
    2. my flashing headlight
    3. Primatine Mist inhaler
    4. external speakers I connect to my MP3 player cell phone
    5. my MP3 player cell phone
    6. extra batteries for my headlight, tail lights and speakers
    7. case to put cell phone in
    8. pen and paper
    9. a package of Wet Ones Big Ones, a larger size baby wipe
    10. a handkerchief
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    thanks,and nice Jeep dude!! you look like you have your%#@&*^% togeather when it comes to jeeping!!if i was to own a vehicle again,it would be one like that!hats off to you! ride on and jeep on