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just wanted to say hi, and join up to possible learn more about bikes and the technology that goes in the latest and greatest
and possibly meet people from my area that mountain bike together

I am finding lots of good info, but so far
I see many people with more expensive bikes looking down on "big box" bikes and seem to think if you own one you are just a "poor excuse"
for a biker rider

but why?

no matter what is said (after me posting this)
this is the feeling we get
is this the feeling the board creators wanted it's members to convey to each other?

I just enjoy casual riding on rocks and trails
my bike serves my needs currently

if I want a $4000 bike I can buy one for me and my wife no problem at all
I think several members forget to NOT act upity just because someone else has a less expensive bike,
there is a reason behind their decision to buy a less "high-end model"

I just read someone's post asking why the guy said..."get a car"
it was kinda stupid for such a jerk to ask that huh?

either way I hope to meet others around the area and possibly meet up with you guys sometime

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