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I've been wanting to another group ride since I rode my first ride this April. I've rode the past two weeks with some local MTB folk who are going out to Tipton, KS to ride the Cruise The Blues 2013 in the end of August.

It's a 5hr ride you can ride competitively or for fun. 5mile loop for the Joy Ride or 9 for the Glory Ride.

Not sure what category I want to go into yet but I'm going to ask for it off ASAP.

It's out on some guys farm that has built a trail and has been putting this event on for 10 years now to support the local 8 man football team from what I've been told. The locals have really been ranting and raving on how much fun it is and how I need to go out and ride it.

So with peer pressure comes fun right?!?! Wife even asked if her bike could handle it. Unfortunately, I'm not sure a hybrid would hold up well to single track riding.

30 for Joy Solo rides and 40 for Joy Team rides which you alternate laps. Or 40 - 50 for the Racing (Glory Rides).

You can camp out, there is a meal provided, and a band for entertainment. Drinking is allowed too so it outta be a good time!

The website is a bit out of date but the Facebook link above is up to date for registering and what not, it also has alot of cool pics in their photo albums.
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