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Expanding the Recreational Use Statutes to include towns and municipality is important for all recreation in Connecticut. However, there is a real possibility that the Judiciary Committee could let HB 6557 die if the committee takes no action on it by April 15th.

EMAIL THE JUDICARY COMMITTEE MEMBERS to let them know that as a resident of Connecticut this is important to you.

EMAIL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND YOUR SENATOR and ask him or her to contact the Judiciary Committee and urge them to pass HB 6557.

The Trial Lawyers appear to be working hard to stop this bill and only a grassroots groundswell of support will keep this bill alive. Every email counts!

Please do your best to explain why HB 6557 is important to you. Please urge the Judiciary Committee to take positive action now!

Talking Points:

Towns and municipalities need to be protected from frivolous lawsuits by those who recreation on public land
Municipalities can not afford the exorbitant insurance costs resulting from these lawsuits.
Towns should not be forced to shut down public access because of liability fears.
Healthy outdoor recreation is good for everyone, good for our communities and good for our state. It reduces healthcare costs and promotes all around well-being
There are fewer and fewer open spaces for recreation in Connecticut, and municipal land is becoming more and more important for recreation. People will only wish to preserve open space if they have access to enjoy it.
The current law is irrational: if one hikes, runs or bicycles on a trail that passes through various jurisdictions, it makes no sense for only certain property owners to be protected from liability and others not. Everyone, including municipalities, should have the same protections.

Below are the email address of every senator and representative on the Judiciary Committee. You can cut and paste their addresses into a single email or email them individually.

Remember, please be courteous and clear with your comments. You may address them all as “Dear Members of the Judiciary Committee”. Please include your name and address in your email.

Here is the list of Judiciary Committee members and below that are their individual email addresses: ... m_code=JUD
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