Curie Electrodrive for sale

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    Howdy yall,
    I'm selling my Curie Electric bike motor for $150 plus shipping.

    It is a 0.5HP 24V motor that comes with a 26" wheel (pre mounted), battery pack, charger and throttle cables.


    I used the system for about a year and a half before i moved too far away from work for it to be viable. The batteries still hold some charge but i'm sure a fesh set will be worth getting. When they were new i could get about 12+ miles on a single charge, that was with light pedaling.

    Drop me an email at [email protected] if you are interested.

    Here is the equivalent NEW bike kit. Currie Electro Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit w/ 24 Volt Plug & Play Battery Pack: Sports & Outdoors

    GET IT WHILE IT IS HOT. Not really, :)
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    Don't post your email - that's an invitation to spam.