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Hey guys, new to the forum/community. I’m a beginner cyclist and something I noticed was how sore and strained my muscles feel after cycling for even just a little bit, I think it has to do with how strenuously I’m pedaling against uphill courses. I’ve tried stretching and using two different bikes, but the problem still persists. At this point, it's been frustrating so I’ve been looking around for different tools to help ease my way into it.

I'm trying to get more into cycling and am looking to invest in a good pair of cleats. While doing research online, I came across this ad on Facebook and it looks like a cool concept. A couple of my buddies have mentioned they move their cleats more back anyways but the idea is completely new to me. They seem promising but i’m still not sure. Should I go for it, or do you guys recommend something else?

2-Step Cleats: Adjustable Cycling Cleats


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