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I went to Italy for a bike trip in the Marche Region with “Cyclingmarche” and I discovered a wonderful, new area outside the usual bike touring routes. Thanks to Paolo and Marco who guided us during our trip and helped us reach untouchable parts of the country, amazing villages, excellent food and very good wine.

I can't wait to go back and do it again!!!

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How does one cycle in Italy, sharing the road with Italian drivers ? (at least in central/southern Italy)? I mean, I've done hairy driving in various other countries, but I'm afraid to drive south of Rome, even with 3,000 lbs of metal around me. Let alone hang out there on 2 wheels.

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Hi Beth,

I don't even know you but I hate you:D
Those are some lovely shots. I have been to Europe 4 times but not yet to Italy. Thank you for re-igniting my desire to go.

Your envious co-member:p

Brian J.

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Great post and pics, thanks for sharing!!

We're moving to Italy this Summer--Sicily specifically. We've already decided cycling/touring is going to be a major part of our time there.


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Hi Beth,

It looks like you had an amazing trip!

I am looking to spend a few weeks touring through Italy in september and am looking for any advice, itineraries, great places to stay, places to avoid and general tips you may have.

probably begin riding in Florence and make a loop from there. i would also like to spend about a week in a nice smaller town off the beaten path.

any advice you can share would be greatly appreciated. we will probably not use a tour company, but head out on our own instead.

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