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Compared with sports such as running, cycling is less intense, which is why many people choose to ride at the beginning. However, the low intensity does not mean that the loss to the body is small, because the legs need to be stepped on at high speed when riding. If you do not pay attention to some riding knowledge, it is easy to cause damage to the body, especially the knees.

1. Wrong riding rhythm and incorrect riding posture. Your body can't adapt to this kind of intensity, and it will cause various physical problems, especially the knees. Incorrect seat height, angle, and position can put excessive stress and wear on your knees while riding. If you follow the correct riding position to adjust the bike, and you still experience knee pain, you can ask a professional to help you adjust it.

2. No warm-up exercise. Without a warm-up exercise to make the muscles move in advance, the muscles cannot reach a large enough range of motion. When riding, the kneecap cannot move along the correct trajectory, which increases the internal friction of the knee.

The knee is the most frequently used joint in cycling and the body part that wears the most, and once the knee is injured, it is very difficult to recover! So we must pay special attention to the discomfort of the knee, otherwise the consequences will be difficult to deal with!
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