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Cycling Memes

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I see a lot of you posting some pretty funny cycling related memes. Thought maybe a dedicated thread for some good humor would be in order.


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I this thread!!
Kudos to fpl1 for starting it!!

He gets an award.
Gota love this one :)

I just awoke the Bride from her slumber.
^ I bet my kids would get that for me. Where'd you see it?
Why yes it is, thank you! However, I don't know how much longer I'm going to keep that schedule if we don't get some rain to cool things down some. :(

Rain, you say!??

Why John, I have just what you need!!
Pack your things. I've got an extra bedroom.

Don't forget your snorkel and flippers.
The girl of my dreams would be able to afford buying the bike of my dreams for me! :D

And be happy I'm riding and even happier when I return.
I see the "at" on the sign now.

I thought New Zealand, because the Franz Joseph glacier is on the South island.
It's still like that in front of my house in the summer albeit not as many bikes as that photo (3 or 4 bikes). For some reason, all my son's friends in the neighborhood like to hang out at our house and wreck our furniture :eek::D

Oh well, at least they are active and playing face-to-face instead of playing video games or texting each other from their own rooms.

You should be thrilled that they're at YOUR house and not some unknown location.
great ones.

I believe I need to sign THAT paper.
Stole right from under Hazy's fingertips :)

I wish!!!
I so need to ride. With or without a friend.
I'll need a wheelie bar during the last stage!! ^^

THAT is my beater car with one exception.
I've done it with two healthy boys in the car.
Somewhere, we've got a picture. I need to search.

Best part, the bike is worth three of the car I do it in.
1 - 20 of 1593 Posts