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Cycling Memes

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I see a lot of you posting some pretty funny cycling related memes. Thought maybe a dedicated thread for some good humor would be in order.


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I'm guessing Dad doesn't need to go to the gym for a workout.
I don't even remember us having any rules
Aren't rules made to be broken?

I only wish it wasn't so true!:(
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my wife asked me a very similar question last night. i felt it was a trick question and avoided answering
Smart man!
CW.... There's a saying that holds true in almost everything... "Al,ost doesn't count except in horseshoes, handgrenades, and pregnant women"..... :cool::D:D:D:D
You left out atomic bombs!
I am so stealing this one! Describes my rides perfectly
How do you think I got it?
This made me tear up.
He should man up and tell me !
I never get asked on dates. Always have to do the asking.
Nothing wrong with the lady doing the asking!
Call me old fashion but I disagree. If a guy is interested he should pursue his interests. These days kids are growing up afraid to have real life conversations with people. I mean what's the worse that could happen? It's a shame!
You're old fashioned!:D
You're just old!:D
According to the National Park Service I am elderly. :(
^ Isn't that pretty much John's schedule every day?
That is the best schedule.
Can you send some our way? Forecast for the next few days calls for some afternoon showers (40%) but they may not be enough to cool things down.
I think the next rain forecast for my area is October.:(
I think I found a photo of John riding after a storm:

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Precisely why I like my 24oz Gatorade sport top bottles. Dollar Tree carries them, so essentially I get a $1 bottle and 24 oz of free Gatorade. I rarely wash them too; just rinse between fills and toss them after about a week.
The girl of my dreams would be able to afford buying the bike of my dreams for me! :D
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