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Dark Energy/Dark Matter

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Anyone interested in this topic? or matters concerning the universe? I find it endlessly interesting to think about gravity and the Big Bang, expansion of the universe, all those things related to astronomy. (not astrology)

I like finding out why the earth has an atmosphere and the moon and many planets do not. (molten iron core sets up magnetic force-field that shields solar wind which would strip atmosphere if mag field not present.) Stuff like this.

Black holes and worm holes. Theories of space texture and shape. All this stuff tends to make you feel completely insignificant. For some reason this appeals to me.

Einstein and his thoughts, parallel universes, time-space continuum. Time travel. Endless possibilities of other earth-like planets, even a Pandora.

I never liked TV Star Trek or Star Wars but I like the subject of astronomy.
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Religion and Science have a hard time. Common sense is only applicable to the society it serves.
fun, I picked up some DVDs at the library today on Einstein and black holes by PBS of America. They are narrated by a black fellow who is an astrophysicist. I can't recall his name right now but he's got a great voice and makes a good presentation for the neophyte like me. (simple words for big ideas)

Maybe you have seen this series of PBS shows. After I watch I'll do some further reading on what intrigues me and then we can start plans for our space ship. At least on blastoff we'll know to give black holes a wide margin. This will be my contribution.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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