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    I've been selling bikes out of my house for 3 years. While in process of making my website----- ---- someone asked me to add link to this site to my site. I've since added link to this site to my site. Now, if you want me to add other sites other than this one to my site, please let me know.

    I have a lot of bikes for sale and/or trade. Check out my site for list of things that I would take in trade. Having over 100 bikes at my house, I've no personal favorite. However, if there is anything that stands out, look at list below.

    1. 2000 Schwinn Mesa 24 speed mountain bike in maroon
    2. Red 1977 Schwinn Speedster 3 speed
    3. Black 1966 Schwinn Heavy Duti
    4. Silver 1974 Schwinn Voyageur II
    5. Maroon 1984 Schwinn World Tourist 10 speed

    I do want cash for local pick ups. I will do Pay Pal if you want anything shipped to you.USPS money order will be ok, but I will not be responsible if any of those get lost in mail. You can page me at [email protected]. That is the fastest way to contact me.

    Thank for reading and hope to meet some of you members.
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    i checked out your site. One of your bike pics looks like a bike I had when I was young. Shame you are near Chicago or else I would come and check it out.

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    Welcome, glad to see you here. I checked out your site. You have some nice bikes there. I might be interested in one. I dropped you an email.
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    Nice collection D!
    Welcome to the boards.