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Copying this from my posting in the reviews section:

I got this jersey in the white version for hot weather riding while it is currently on sale at Colorado Cyclist. Wore it for the first time tonight in 97 degree, high humidity weather.

I was very pleased with how cool and comfortable it kept me. Descente claims -3 deg Celcius cooling effect, but I can't vouche to the accuracy of that. Fit is nice. Not too tight; not too loose.

Jersey has two rear pockets and a central, zipped MP3 pocket. Low cut collar is not restrictive. Full zip which zips and unzips easily.

Pros: good fit; comfortable; nice zipper; keeps you cool in hot conditions; great styling

Cons: only two rear pockets (not counting small MP3 pocket) and they are rather small. A folded up spare tube would pretty max out one pocket.

Overall, I would recommend this jersey, especially if you don't carry a lot of stuff in your back pockets during a ride.
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