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Carbon fiber is measured by the width of the weave. For instance, a 1K weave will be approximatley 1mm in width while a 12K weave will be much larger at approximatley 12mm and so forth.

The outer layer of any carbon frame serves several purposes. The first purpose is to provide a cosmetic layer of carbon giving the frame it's final look. Secondly, it provides a final touch to the ride of the bicycle. Some weaves are more rigid than others and some weaves flex more providing more supple ride characteristics. Some people will say that the weave you choose does not make a difference in overall ride quality. If that is the case then our Fascenario 0.7 and 0.8 should produce the exact same stiffness numbers, as they are made the same with the only difference being the outer layer of carbon. The fact is that the 12K carbon used in the Fascenario 0.8 makes the bike stiffer and can be seen in stiffness-to-weight measurements.

So, what are the characteristics of each weave that Storck uses in relation to our bicycles?

1K - 1K is a very rare fiber used in the cycling industry. It is lighter than other fibers and provides a more supple ride than a larger weave. These smaller carbon fibers also display the incredible amount of craftsmanship needed to complete one of our bikes. The Fascenario 0.7 is the only model in the Storck line that features this coveted carbon.

2K - 2K is the rarest carbon fiber available on the market. It is produced by no more than 2 carbon manufacturers in the world. The Fascenario 0.7IS is the only bicycle in the world featuring this carbon. 2K carbon provides the optimum ride characteristics to pair with our VVC frames. This gives the bike perfect stiffness, low weight, and great vertical compliance (comfort).

3K - 3K is the most common carbon fiber that you will find externally on a bicycle. It provides a comfortable ride while still allowing the bike to be stiff and strong enough to handle a powerful rider in the midst of his/her best sprint.

12K - 12K is the largest weave and the stiffest. This outer layer featured on the Fascenario 0.8 makes for the stiffest "feeling" ride of all three. It is slightly heavier and much less expensive to use in production, hence the price difference in the Fascenario 0.7 and the Fascenario 0.8.

Uni-Directional - Uni-Directional (UD) carbon is another type of carbon fiber that can be used to create a carbon bicycle. UD carbon has fibers that run the same way rather than being woven together. This carbon is used on the Fenomalist and Aero UD in the Storck line-up.
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