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    What exactly is dishing and why would one need a dishing tool? I've been through a couple of wheel builds and didn't use a dishing tool out of the lack of owning one, and was still able to build a true wheel. What is exactly the function of a dishing tool?

    The procedure I used is to tighten the spokes while checking the horizontal and vertical trueness of the wheel, then flip it round on the truing stand to check if the rim is in center of the spindle.

    Am I missing something?......
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    Dishing is the offset of the rim with relationship to the hub. The rear wheel of a geared bike or a disc brake wheel must be dished to accommodate the cassette or brake rotor.
    A good truing stand like a Park TS-2 almost eliminates the need for a dishing tool. I still use one just to make sure the wheel is dished properly.

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    I had a green set of Kings like that. I wish i would have never sold em.