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Hey all,

I'm new to the forum, and figured I'd enlist all of your help as I dive into converting this old craigslist road bike into a full on commuter's electric bike!

I've done bunches of research:

My goal is to get a 24-36V motor around 1hp to get me to work, where I can recharge my batteries, and then back home.

I have about a 16 mile commute 1 way, so I need a pretty hefty range about 30 miles I'd say (so I don't end up stranded!!).

I am considering a decent top speed, b/w 20 and 30 miles per hour (anyone know any CA road laws about registering vehicles and vehicle classification?)

As for details, pedal assist sounds like a good option, and I think if I could incorporate freewheeling into it that'd be ideal. NO REGEN BRAKING (pointless but that's already on another thread i'm sure).

I want to do an initial gear reduction via belt drive just to step down RPMs for a quiet chain drive to the wheel.

Ambitious? Ya I know. But I got good enough free cash to play with, and would much rather be satisfied with a full job done than a halfway solution. I'm getting in deep, so if you have advice, sites to visit to research more, places I can do microfab of custom parts, or product suggests, lemme know!!!
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