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Hey all!
I've been scouring the internet trying to find others who might have tried this but have came up unsuccessfully.

Thanks to, I was able to obtain a FREE electric wheel chair (with good batteries!). I'd like to somehow use this to convert my bicycle into an electric / human-powered hybrid (the charger for it no-longer works and the model was discontinued, that is why it was free).

I'm not sure where to start, though. At first I was thinking the wheelchair would only have one motor, connected to a drive shaft. But... that is the design for most scooters, not wheelchairs. This wheelchair is 24V with SLA (Gel) batteries and a motor on each wheel. The controller for it is still good as well.

Spending as little as possible, I'd like to figure out a way to get the controller and motor(s) to work with my bike.
These batteries are definitely overkill for my application, most likely (and heavy!), but I'd like to try and get something working. My main reason for wanting an electric-assisted bike is because of some of the ridiculous hills we have here. My commute is roughly 2 miles each way, but since it isn't legal to ride on sidewalks, I have to bike up hills to get to a rode I can ride on (I hate 1-way streets!). Also, to get to the nearest grocery store, it is at least 1/2 mile to a mile up-hill the entire way, and not a small hill (downhill on the way back, of course).

Since there are two motors, would it be best to create a trailer of-sorts to connect to my bike, rather than trying to mount two motors? I only say this because of the speed controller they are connected to. It would save me money if I could just keep the wheel chair components. Or, if I just use one motor and connect it to my bike directly, are there some inexpensive speed controllers out there?
I've googled a lot of this, but haven't found any/many good sources for anything (at least no websites that look legit enough that I'd want to enter my credit card info on).

I'm not certain of the make/model of the wheelchair right now, I can figure that out once I figure out how to get it OUT of my car. heh. It barely fit in the back seat. I believe these are the batteries that came with it... it is a 24v system, so there's two of them... 12 V 50 AH Gel 8G22NF (hopefully the link posts...if not it is a 50Ah Gel battery). I got a charger to charge the batteries individually as well (charger has a special setting just for GEL batteries, as I know they have different charge specs than SLA and AGM).

The wheel chair has a joystick-like direction controller, as well as charge readings and different settings (like super-fast mode, slow mode, etc).

Soo.... any ideas?

If anything, I can use the batteries in an expected wind-turbine project (I have some decent PM-motors laying around) and sell the rest, if I can't use it for an eBike conversion.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have some ideas.
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