DONATE to Help Special Needs Kids Receive Bicycles in the 7th Annual Great Bike Giveaway

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    It's that time of year again when Buddy Bike participates as a sponsor in the Great Bike Giveaway by The Friendship Circle. So I am asking you to participate too! You can help by donating or by sharing the information far and wide.

    The 7th Annual Great Bike Giveaway by Friendship Circle provides a fundraising platform and discounted bike rates to families with loved ones of all ages with special needs so they can experience the joy of riding a bike! The families have until MARCH 7, 2018 to meet their fundraising goal to receive the bike they have selected and if additional funds are raised, they will help other kids receive bikes too. I believe there is a raffle at the end.

    New for this year - All ages welcome! Open to USA (all 50 states + DC) and for the first time, Canada! Special pages for organizations who want to fundraise for kids in their community.

    To donate - Please consider a DONATION and help us spread the word so ALL of the kids can meet their goals! Visit the web site and click DONATE to make general donations or search for a specific child. Or even better yet, visit the and click the “filter” button next to the search box, select “buddy bike” under bike type, and donate to one of the Buddy Bike entrants.

    Here are comments from a Mom who was one of last year's Great Bike Giveaway participants and a Buddy Bike recipient. Many of us take for granted that we can ride bicycles; but I think these comments will remind you of how wonderful that freedom really is and they will warm your heart:


    Thank you and Happy Cycling!

    Shelley at Buddy Bike
    [email protected]