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For those of you that have seen my previous post i have fixed the bottom bracket creak, it was just too loose. I got all the tools to take apart the cassette, BB, and the crank sets. After getting the tools my buddy sold his katmandu, which has a real good rim compared to the stock ones on my ironhorse warrior 3.3. So i took the back rim and put my cassette on his rim and vise versa. This is where the problem comes in...

His was a 7 speed and on this rim there was a spacer so i took it i just take that off put it on my old rim, and when i put my 8 speed cassette on this rim it would work fine. Before i tell any more i will say that i have taken the top (42t) ring off the crank set off, so i only have the 22 and 32 teeth gears up front with a bash guard. I tend to use from 4th to 8th (21-11) with the 32 teeth gear and from 1st to 3rd (32-24) with the 22 teeth gear up front. I have a shimano acera rear derailleur and the cassette is also a shimano. Now the actual problem is that i cant get into my 8th gear with the 22 or 32t gear. It will skip and come off the gear almost completely. I have adjusted the derailleur as much as i could with absolutely no luck. So i have come to all you guys hoping you will probably be able to tell me. And one extra bit of info you should know is that the lock ring for the cassette is not the original, it is a sram lock ring off my friends bike, we must have swithched them up. I thought this was my problem so i grinded it down (it doesnt cost that much) and it seems not to interfere. I am totally stumped now and dont want to spend too much money, but if it is required i will be in the city tomorrow and monday so I can get parts then.

Thanks, Shaine

Any tips that help are greatly appreciated
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