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E-Zip "Trailz" VS "Mountain Trailz" EZIP

I would rate the E-Zip Trailz & Mountain Trailz as both being excellent "starter" Ebikes. Though not being anywhere near "top quality", at $300 to $400, they cost between 1/2 to 1/5 the price of typical ebikes. At the very least, owning one will help you decide precisely the features and quality of bike that is ideal for you and your budget.

Common features:

450w motor approximately 6/10 horsepower.

10ah SLA battery - rated at 15 mile range - obtainable only with constant pedaling and partial throttle. 5 to 10 miles more realistic estimate, dependent on tire pressure, terrain and weight of rider. Will accept 2nd battery for double range.

Top speed 16 to 17 mph. Motor is speed regulated to 18mph, beyond that it is all you pedaling. Regulated below 20mph to comply with Federal "definition" of "bicycle".

Two modes: (PAS) Pedal Assist System = motor will not engage unless pedal are used. (TAG) Twist And Go = motor engages with throttle.

Differences: Trailz vs Mountain Trailz

(Shipping) Weight - 81 lbs vs 75 lbs
Color - Black & Chrome vs Blue & Black
Seat - Rear spring vs full shock absorber
Tires - Smooth balloon "street"* vs heavy off-road tread
*note: Trailz tires not recommended for anything but clean, dry streets.*

EZip Engineering 101
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