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    Now I'm not lookig for the bashing of them if you're not into them that's fine keep to yourself. Been wondering how many here have tried them either factory made or customs what do you think of them.
    Just recently finished building one using my commuter bike for it. Motor is a bafang bbs02 highly impressed with it. Pretty neat technology how far its come.
    So what are you riding?
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    You can't open that can of worms and not expect a response :D

    I do think they have a place and can serve a purpose. I'm not going to bash and beat but I will express my opinions :D

    People with mobility issues, elderly folks, for example, that want to be active can certainly see a huge benefit from them, etc.

    I see one young kid in particular here locally that does a HUGE dis service to cyclist by riding his down a busy road with no helmet- his choice for sure but the bigger issue is his head is buried in his phone EVERY TIME I see him. I'm not sure how he's not been squished like a bug

    1. I HATE them on single track and 2.In this area they've replaced the moped- and nothing says I lost my license and this is what I got like an ebike/moped :D

    I honestly think that most that have them use them in a most utilitarian mode more than any other reason. I just view them as taking the easy way out if you are capable of riding a normal bike.

    Sorry, guess I ended up with a little bash there and not setting a good example but...refer to opening statements :D
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    Fair enough and nope didn't see your response as bashing them. Honestly yours is one of the better detailed responses better than the usual i hate them or ride harder weak man type of crap I've seen. I can respect your reply about them.

    To be honest i have both. I've never had a car myself use uber way to much left work and got home way to tired. Plus have some knee issues.

    Agreed though there are plenty of people out there that do give them a bad name using them like butthiles.

    For myself I've been wanting to build one for a good while. I enjoy the tinkering part its been a fun project.
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    I don't see why people have issues with them, per se---well, I do, because people are silly---and I can differentiate between what they are and how people use them.

    Frankly I don't care what other people do so long as they are respectful of others. And I'd sure rather follow an e-bike in traffic than a moped.
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    My wife has been off her trike for quite some time now due to a knee issue. She is really wanting to get back into riding again but is afraid to get out somewhere and have her knee act up and she becomes stranded. I've been seriously thinking of getting her the Copenhagen Wheel as an eBike conversion. It will help assist her with the pedaling and will get her back to the starting point if her knee acts up. Plus, it's the easiest conversion on the market and will allow her to ride without it for short local rides by swapping out the rear wheel.

    My only issue with other people riding eBikes/eTrikes is that many of the ones I see tend to show off a bit and put others in danger. Because of where I live, I only have one very dangerous road to ride on. Therefore, I do most of my rides in a wilderness park with a seven mile loop. Since it's nicely paved, wide and one way, a lot of the local competitive riders train there. Lots of group rides, as well. There are three guys that have converted eTrikes that always want to jump on the rear of a pace line and then weave in and out of the line. That puts every rider in danger. They did it because they could get their eTrikes up to 25 mph and didn't have to work for it. Eventually, there were kicked out and trespassed from the park. Since then, there have been one or two other eBike riders doing the same thing.
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    John_V knee issues are the main reason i got the motor plus making it a little easier showing up to work not being sweated up. Hope her knee issues work out. I can say the short time I've been riding it my one knee i tore the tendon on doesn't hurt so much as normal especially on the hills
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    The small, local shop which I use has sold quite a few of these. The owner has been amazed at how many people are willing to drop thousands of dollars on electric pedal assist bikes.
    He said most of them are going to men in their late 50s to late 60s.
    He believes they are getting them so that they can relive their earlier years when they were in better shape. Some of these people have returned to purchase a bike for their wives.

    Personally, I see them as a possibility for me, should my cardiologist ever restrict my max heart rate.Until then however, i’ll rely on the equipment i came into this world with (with its repairs & modifications), to propel my bicycle.

    Our State Parks somewhat recently modified it’s policy on bicycles and motorized vehicles to address e bikes.
    Essentially, they must be pedal assist and can’t go over a certain speed.
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    Many years ago I put a Hilltopper conversion on my wife’s bike. She has fought cancer six times and the chemo tore up her hips. She has had both hips replaced but was only good for about a five mile ride. I wanted her to be able to ride with the grandkids. It has worked really well. The way she uses it is help for hills and as a return to the car when she is worn out. I don’t think pedal assist would work for her but I also don’t think if she was on a trail that required it the popo would leave her alone because the way she rides doesn’t bother anyone. That said, it looks like she is done riding unless a Miracle happens. She has been on hospice since January and is bedridden.
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