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El Paso bike sharing program

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City may adopt bike-sharing program
By Gustavo Reveles Acosta / El Paso Times
Posted: 01/08/2010 12:00:00 AM MST

EL PASO -- Rented bicycles could soon zip through the Downtown as Sun Metro moves forward with plans to establish the state's first shared-ride program.

Under the proposed program, people who pay a membership fee would have access to public bicycles they can take from station to station as part of their commute to and from work.

Sun Metro officials on Thursday got the first of two "yes" votes needed to move forward with the creation of a plan for the bicycle-share program.

Now that the City Council's transportation committee has approved the proposal, the entire council needs to decide on Sun Metro's wish to come up with the plan.

"We think there is a demand there for this program ... we see it in the number of people who use bicycles to complement their rides on our buses," said Michael Herrera, Sun Metro's assistant director for planning. "We see this program as the completion of our mass transit plan ... as the last leg of each person's morning commute."

Planners are looking at cities including Paris, Montreal and Washington, D.C., which already have bicycle-sharing programs. [clip]

City may adopt bike-sharing program - El Paso Times
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