Electric Bike Expo @ Philly Bike Expo, Nov 4-5, 2017. See Buddy Bike & GeoOrbital!

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    [FONT=&quot]Electric Bike Expo at Philly Bike Expo[/FONT][FONT=&quot]
    [FONT=&quot]Pennsylvania Convention Center
    1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
    Hall “E” Broad Street Entrance
    11/4/17 - 11/5/17

    [FONT=&quot]Buddy Bike will be in the GeoOrbital booth[/FONT]!

    [FONT=&quot]Buy tickets for Philly Bike Expo[/FONT]

    Electric Bike Expo events are organized by the Electric Bike Association. The next Electric Bike Expo will be held at the growing Philly Bike Expo. If you are curious about e-bikes, you can try over 120 e-bikes [FONT=&quot]including the Buddy Bike[/FONT] at the GeoOrbital booth. Learn more at https://electricbikeassociation.org/events/philadelphia/

    Bike helmets will be available at the event. From the event web site: "No one under the age of 16 will be allowed on the track without an adult driving the bike." (So guess what - that means they CAN ride the Buddy Bike!) www.buddybike.com.

    GeoOrbital turns any bike electric in 60 seconds or less! Come out to try the e-bikes and learn more about Buddy Bike's partnership with GeoOrbital. www.geoo.com

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