Electric wheels for E-Bike?

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by roadman, May 14, 2018.

  1. roadman

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    Greetings! I am newbie on this forum and first of all I would like to wish everyone a good day. I started this topic, because I need advice in electric bike kits. Are there owners of electric bikes here?

    I'm curious to know is it possible to install electric bike wheel on the ordinary bike and is it good decision? I have Verve+ hybrid and I don't undersrtand if I can achieve more speed with another electric wheel.

    maybe my question will seem stupid to someone, but I'm not specialist in electric bikes and that's why I need your help. Thanks in advance.
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  2. i12ride

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    Depends on the wattage of what you have vs wattage of what else there is out there and fit.........

  3. John_V

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    Look at the Copenhagen Wheel. It’s a single unit with no external components. Controlled completely by a phone app.
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  4. i12ride

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    Price of a really nice non-electric bike right?
  5. longjohn

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    I put a Hilltopper Kit on my wife's Trek hybrid. Take off the stock front wheel, put on the Hilltopper wheel, run the wire to the battery (I mounted her battery on her rear rack, you can mount them where you want), run the wire to the handlebar that controls the motor. I bought it for her because of her many medical problems to enable her to be able to go for bike rides with our grandkids. It will go 17 mph without her pedaling, the only time she uses it that why is when she is tired or sore and wants to get back to the trailhead. Mostly she just uses it to help her climb hills.
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  6. newleaf150

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    Mrs. Newleaf and I just had a Cruiser kit from Electric Bike Outfitters installed on her all steel Novara Fusion. Because of the IGH, we used a front drive wheel, but they are also available for the rear with a variety of cogsets.

    Since I'm not a motorized bike expert myself, we chose to pay a local ea shop $250 for the installation. It's a pretty sweet setup, I must admit. The system assists up to an advertised 20mph, with 5 different levels of assist, or off. There is also a thumb throttle for those times when you'd prefer a scooter to a bike.

    Although I prefer to act as my own motor when it comes to my touring bike, I have been thinking hard about the potential of getting an ea cargo bike.
  7. i12ride

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    I heard tale of my brother in law and some friend of his blasting around some trails on an ea tandem mtb.......do you drive or let the other guy clear all the spider webs across the trail?
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