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  1. mikebike

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    Like many of you I train for various events or tours and maintain a good level of cycling fitness year-round. I will be ramping up training for a 50 mile off road event coming up the end of January.


    This past week for 2 of our rides on the Tandem-- we rode 58 and 48 miles respectively and rode very casually about a 15mph average speed. It was delightful and relaxing.

    It was fun to just enjoy the horse farms and country scenery as we pedaled along with no regard as to speed or training.

    I would encourage you to take a relaxing ride now & then:D
  2. wild

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    All my rides must be relaxing rides, as the best I get is 11 mph avg. But at 65 I an't going set no records. :D

  3. jeepster93

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    What event are you training for?
    Are you going to ride tandem in this event?

    Here in Denver, the weather is a bit rough for cycling right now. Although, my bike is set up on the stationary trainer, so I DO use it.

    I am also in the middle of a training routine.

    I ran a 1/2 marathon December 6th and have another one on January 17th in Phoenix AZ.
    After the AZ race..I am taking a few months off from this training, before I burn out to a cinder.
    Then ramp back up for the Bolder/Boulder 10K race in June. I will need to qualify for this race, so I need to find a 10K in the spring to qualify with.
    Then after the Bolder/Boulder, is the Colorado 1/2 marathon, then is ...
    Well anyhow.
  4. chh55

    chh55 Drink plenty of water!!!

    The weather has put a stop to my recreational biking. I still do all my errands and commuting but for training purposes it's Spinning at the gym now.

    Thanks for the tip though... the club rides are often rather competitive and not what most would consider relaxing. I do go out with my wife for rides in the countryside and then the pace is very relaxed.
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  5. BlazingPedals

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    Nope, as much as I'd like to, it never happens. An easy ride for me is to go out with the 'A' riders and let them set the pace. If I ride by myself, it's always a hard ride. I start out easy, then I speed up on the first downhill. After that, I can't possibly slow down; so I ride at the new speed until the next downhill speeds me up even more. Pretty soon I'm at my AT and eying the next climb, vowing to not lose any of my hard-won speed. I can't help it; the legs MUST BE OBEYED. :)

    Man, I envy you for the ability to ride easy!
  6. mikebike

    mikebike Florida Cyclist

    I am training for the Ididaride (see the link below).

    Technically not a race (for insurance purposes) ... but at the check points they tell you how many are ahead and time splits. It is a limited field of 350 riders and unclassed by age.

    I like this length event because it lets an old guy like me(52 years old) compete with much younger riders. When it takes 4 hours ...mental tenacity comes into play as much as conditioning. When it is wet & cold and another stream has to be crossed ...it levels the playing field.

    I have done this event 12 times before and usually finish in the 10%

    Suwannee Bicycle Association - Come Out & Play with SBA!
  7. Skidmark

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    Mike, Excellent point. When I ride by myslef I normally push myself hard for conditioning. When I ride with my wife and or daughter, grandson, ect. we chat, look for wildlife, and the sunrise type of thing.

    Thanks for that link! I am pretty new to biking and older that you. Sounds like a great event. I have been training some trying to prepair for a mini triathlon next June (If I can get my knee to hold up to the run part). I love that type of riding and that event is not all that far from home.
  8. whyeyebike

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    I second this.....I can't count the amount of times I have tried to do a casual ride; but I just can't do it.