Experiencing history and culture by bicycle.

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    I have a blog that I maintain and post to about experiencing history and culture by bicycle. All of these places I have been to as either part of a bicycle trip, whether while driving to the get to the ride or have been to on my bike. Tell me what you think.

    History and Culture by Bicycle
  2. TxCyclist

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    Very cool! I have seen so much biking around town I would have never seen driving. Good blog idea.

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    i agree with dean!! very cool!my god,i've logged soooo many miles over the years and met sooo many interesting people,seen sooo many interesting things,been to sooo many interesting places that it would take forever to describe all my experiences! i would have never had these if i just drove to where my final destination was.i tell people that i'm going on vacation,and they ask where.i tell them where, and that i'm going by bicycle.usually it's 100's-1000's of miles.they freak out!!only the ones who have done it know what i'm talking about.in a car,all you see on your way is gas stations and rest stops!not my idea of "enjoying the trip"!!i take along a pen and notebook and log all my experiences down as they happen.names,places,times, and all the small details so i dont forget them later!i'm just so thankful for good health and safety so far and maby some day i'll have a chance to sit down and write a book about all this!i've seen and learned more on one ride than most people see on a life time of "vacations"!!! ride on