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    EZip - IZip Trailz! The EZip is a great deal. Let me expound on its capabilities, potentials and limitations.

    First, I would like to assign definitions.

    Ebike - Electric Bike - A bicycle style vehicle, designed to be powered by an electric motor.

    EAbike - Electric Assist Bike - A bicycle, modified by adding an electric motor, to assist the pedal power of the rider.

    Hybrid - Bicycle, designed to be powered by pedal or motor or both.

    I have put almost 4000 miles on my various EZips, trying many different modifications and enhancements.

    In its oem form, I would rate them as:
    "poor" Ebike - "fair" acceleration, 7 mile range
    "good" EAbike - "very good" acceleration, 15 mile range; dependent on "assist"
    "good" hybrid - great, for the price, loses points due to excessive weight as "bike"

    Great deal, as any of the above, based solely on price.

    Getting Started!

    E-Zip Mountain Trailz 1 year 1600 miles - report. EZIP - www.EcoForumZ.com

    E-Zip "Trailz" VS "Mountain Trailz" EZIP - www.EcoForumZ.com

    Basic performance tips:

    1. Inflate tire to maximum recommended inflation pressure.
    2. Pedal assist getting up to speed, and on hills.
    3. Begin coasting well before you have to stop, Stop signs etc.

    OEM battery Tips:

    1. Do not deeply discharge battery.
    2. Recharge battery immediately after use.
    Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery care - www.EcoForumZ.com


    Re-gearing for higher speed.
    Replaced the 20T motor side freewheel with a 16T. This mod increased speed from 16mph to 20 mph. Cost of parts $20.
    20mph+ from EZIP 24 volt OEM pack! - www.EcoForumZ.com

    Battery upgrade 36v:
    Upgraded to 36v. Speed increases almost 50%, from 16mph to, nearly, 24mph. I have run 2 different bikes with no motor modifications, for 1000 miles each, with no problems! Probably due to these factors:
    1. I always pedal assist getting "up to speed".
    2. I tend to cruise at the "legal" 20mph, rather than "full throttle" 24mph.
    3. Always pedal assist on hills, and resist full throttle.
    Unfortunately, presently available bikes require replacement of the 24v controller, also. I recommend replacing the throttle with one that matches the new 36v controller.
    E-Zip Mountain Trailz 1 year 1600 miles - report. EZIP - www.EcoForumZ.com
    Contains a bit more info & ideas -
    E-Zip 1600 mile report-update EZIP - www.EcoForumZ.com

    25.9v Lithium-Ion battery:
    2 great advantages are small size-weight and great capacity - range!
    Uses OEM 24v controller, as tested on 2 bikes.
    Drawback is price, unless you "scavenge" your cells.
    Also, seems adversely affected by cold, restricted discharge rate.
    36-37v & 25.9v reports are documented here:
    Home made Lithium-ion Li-ion battery! for EZIP - www.EcoForumZ.com

    [​IMG] EZip Engineering 101 [​IMG]
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    4000 miles+

    I've been riding EZips for the past 2 summers. I bought my first one as gas was hitting $4 a gallon. Most of my driving was short "errands", post office, video store, bank etc., and the thought of dumping money into my gas tank repulsed me.

    Since I'm a out of shape 50+ year old I felt I might need a little help getting around, then I spotted a Walmart special on the EZip electric assist bicycle. Perfect, less than $400, shipping included! That's less than my summer "errand" gas bill would be! The EZip was perfect for my 2-4 mile trips, and, no warm ups or parking problems, just the minor ritual of lock-up unlock at destinations, got me a quality cable lock. Home base is at my front door, glass, with outside charging station.

    Now I have 4, electric assist, bikes, all upgraded, in good running condition. Each has its purpose:
    #1 EZip MT (Mountain Trailz) is my testbed, 24v & 36v capable, upgraded with faster motor & pedal gearing, and a better all purpose tire. (OEM tire is a heavy "off road" lug.) 30mph capable!
    #2 EZip Tz (Trailz) is my fair weather "road " bike, converted to 36v and upgraded with faster motor & pedal gearing. OEM tire is good for smooth, clean, dry roads ... only. 30 mph capable.
    #3 EZip MT was my spare, put into service when #2 came down with broken spokes. Upgraded to 36v. Plan on upgrading pedal gearing but not motor gearing. Present motor speed is near 24 mph but sustainable pedal speed is barely 20 mph. I intend on keeping this as my all purpose-all weather bike. Replacement 7speed freewheel will give me wider spaced gearing with 1 "more torque" gear and 2 higher speed gears.
    #4 IZip (premium version of the EZip) will be in the testing phases come this spring. 7speed freewheel upgrade is the only preliminary upgrade. I need OEM 24v controller for testing my build of 24v NiMh, as well as 25.9v Li-ion battery builds.

    Yes, #3 & I did a few 100 miles over the winter and moved me past the 4000 mile mark.

    It's been in the 50's this week and I keep skipping out from work to do some riding, most enjoyable, especially after slogging through the cold & snow & slush. My favorite trail is still too nasty, packed snow from hikers & cc skiers, ... but soon!

    [​IMG] EZip Engineering 101 [​IMG]
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    well a friend bought a wheel with a hub motor installed I donated a aluminum framed bike minus backwheel
    Anyway he added batteries and it runs great downhill.
    Uphill peddling a must and my 60 year old body with injuries felt powerful or more powerful than when Im on my roadbike:rolleyes:
    He had no charger and he bought a second hand Ebike with charger.
    Anyway the second bike the rear suspension bushes are sloppy to say the least
    I think i would bust the thing it i rode it
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    Hey Dark Angel. I recently performed the 16t mod. It was fun... The hardest part was taking off the stock freewheel. I had to grind it off the ring, grip it in a vise, and turn it off. I think if you have the tools and commit cutting and vise method may be easiest. I'm looking to do Lifepo4 next. I want to do 36v but Im not sure about a controller/throttle , any Ideas? I have a 2009 Izip Trailz AL. Thanks