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    Hi guys, new here =D

    Hoping you guys can give me some insight on a problem of mine.
    About 2-3 weeks ago, I bought this Ezip MTN Trailz bike off amazon.
    Amazon.com: EZIP MTN Trailz Electric Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels): Sports & Outdoors

    Its been riding well so far, up until a few days ago. Normally when I turn the throttle, I propel forward (makes sense, right?)
    Now sometimes when I ride and turn the throttle, I hear "clicking/stuttering" and I won't move forward. Holding the throttle down, I can hear and see the chain that is connected to the motor is still spinning and the motor is still working, but it's just not moving my rear wheel! I have to stop, not move for a few seconds and turn the throttle again for it to move my rear wheel again....and the weird part is if Im in motion and I let go of the throttle and turn it again, It wont work. The motor just whines and the chain spins but it does not "latch" onto my rear wheel to propel it.

    Anybody have any clue about what the deal is? I am stumped (and I'm kinda new to these e-bike stuff btw)

    It probably isnt my battery since on many occasions this has happened, my battery has been fully charged.

    Weather condition outside is probably 15-20degrees (cold) but does that affect motor/chain activity?

    Thx for any and all the help!
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    Im building a gas bike myself
    Sounds like it has planetary gears and there is a problem with them
    all the best

  3. DrkAngel

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    Motor side freewheel gone bad!

    The EZips use a gear reduction motor, through a freewheel. to the rear wheel. Since you see the motor and chain turning, the problem must be in the freewheel.

    Good news & bad news - the freewheel is the "cheap" variety that has no easy removal. Replacements are available through Currie-EZip and an after market replacement, which is the "ACS Southpaw Freewheel 1/2 x 1/8 x16T".

    The ACS freewheel is of much better construction and provides much less resistance when pedaling only. Another benefit is that it will increase your oem speed from 16 to 20 mph!

    Here is a link to my documentation as to procedure and results. 20mph+ from EZIP 24 volt OEM pack! - www.EcoForumZ.com

    The best news - EZip should send you a new rear wheel, might charge $25 shipping, check with Amazon first, they might send free replacement! ... ?

    If you get sent a replacement consider the ACS freewheel replacement. It is comparitively easy, if done before being motor driven.

    [​IMG] EZip Engineering 101 [​IMG]
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