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Welcome, Phatnomad! Do you know where in CO you plan to visit? Most places offer at least some paved and/or hard surface dirt trails, but the density and numbers vary.

If you were coming today or this coming week, I'd recommend Frisco, off I70 to the west of Denver. It's reportedly peaking right now, but by October, the color will likely have moved on. Unfortunately, this year the fall color has not only started a bit earlier than usual, but also appears to be especially brief.

That makes it hard to predict the best viewing areas in advance. It's likely the I70 corridor will still be pretty, with the best color moving to the south at whatever rate it ends up moving. Sorry for the imprecision.

The mountains and plains are shot through with MTB trails, if that's the type of 'cross country' your OP intended. I'm more into 'cross country' in the literal, bicycle touring sense myself and have little info on singletrack type stuff past the definite fact of its existence.

If you are interested in paved or hard surface dirt trails, I'll be glad to share any local knowledge I may have, depending on where you're headed. I live in the Denver area, but have managed rides in a few other parts of the state.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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